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7 seconds to make your first impression,

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Résumé Package
Résumé Package
Résumé Package
The Résumés by Randi Approach

In today’s competitive job market, a résumé is more than just a piece of paper that you format. This document is what is going to represent you and make you stand out against thousands of people. And the fact is, this one piece of paper houses all of your history and your choices that have lead to this moment, to this job interview. But, in order to stand out as a passionate and driven individual, your résumé must be modern, concise, and rank in the top 2-3% to get contacted, and I'm here to show you how. Each one of my résumés is unique and created individually for my clients. I do not use templates to revise and develop résumés from scratch. I’m quick, thorough, and detailed oriented, making our work together effortless and enjoyable every step of the way.


Hear What People Say

"Stand Out In a crowd"

"I have been with the same company most of my career, now having an MBA to add to my accomplishments, I struggled to get my resume to “stand out in a crowd”. The difference between my previous resume and my current one is night and day! After one round of revisions, Randi created what I feel is a perfect resume, cover letter and additional insights into job search techniques. I work in a complex industry but she grasped it quickly. Mine (and your) professional goals are in good hands with Randi."

— M. Bray, Sales Executive

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