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I founded Résumés by Randi to empower and guide other women and men to achieve their career goals. I passionately work behind the scenes using my in-depth knowledge to help your résumé stand out in a competitive job market.

My favorite part of my job is when I identify and highlight a skill that my client didn’t realize they possessed. And I always feel a sense of pride when one of my clients lands their dream job! 


I have 10+ years of professional experience working with résumés and have worked in Human Resources – recruiting, interviewing, and hiring. 


My skills include:

  • Thoroughness and Detail-Oriented

  • Creative Thinking and Effective Listening

  • Outstanding Verbal and Written Communication 

  • Dedication to my clients


I am proud to say that I among a handful of individuals to have received the Certified Professional Résumé Writer (CPRW) designation in Alabama, indicating that I have the knowledge, talent, and writing expertise to meet the industry standard of excellence.


My Clients:

I have worked with a variety of backgrounds—from stay-at-home moms who want to get back into the work force, to C-Level execs who want to move up the career ladder.

Outside of work, I'm a wife and mother of two children and a committed community volunteer. I've served on several advisory boards for organizations in the Birmingham, Alabama, area and am passionate about using my skills and expertise to build a stronger community. 

I have limited availability, so I book clients as my production schedule allows. Please inquire on my Contact page for my next available slot. I look forward to learning about your career goals!

Interested in  learning more?

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